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A small group for the wisest generation at our church provides a warm and welcoming community where older adults can gather to nurture their faith, connect with one another, and support one another through life's ups and downs. This group offers a space for meaningful discussions, spiritual growth, and prayer, while also fostering relationships and a sense of belonging among its members. Activities may include Bible study, fellowship meals, outings, and opportunities for volunteering and serving others in need. Participants in this small group often find comfort, companionship, and a renewed sense of purpose as they journey together in their faith walk.

Who We Are

We are a group of believers made up of individuals from all walks of life ranging from  the ages of 55 years old and up. 

What We Do

We take trips. We get together and fellowship. We do life together!

Why Do We Exist?

Great question! We believe as long as we are alive then God still has a plan for us! God is NOT done with you yet!

These are my people!

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