Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Missions are the heartbeat of the church, compelling us to share the love of Christ with the world. Through missions, we engage in global outreach, spreading hope, compassion, and the message of salvation to every corner of the earth. It's a calling to serve, to make disciples, and to be agents of transformation in communities near and far.

Another Child Foundation

WBCC is partnering with Another Child Foundation to provide needed items to children around the world.  Please consider getting involved in this ministry.
ACF offers child sponsorship opportunities to our supporters. Every child who attends the Point of Hope Development Center is able to be supported. However, the children who need the most immediate support have their pictures and biographical profiles shown here. It’s EASY. Simply click on the picture of a child you would like to know more about to start the process of sponsoring. Every sponsor will receive a quarterly update and a picture of their child.

ACF’s sponsorship program focuses on improving the well-being of the vulnerable, at-risk Roma children we serve. When you sponsor a child, you help provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, hygiene, medical care, a Christian based education, life skill classes and so much more while you personally connect through letters and photos with the goal of helping your sponsored child break free from their cycle of poverty for good. Our in-depth program is Christ-centered, family focused, and community based.

Here is how you can get involved.

Sponsor A Child


Make A Difference

Go on the next ACF mission trip.

Monthly Gift

$12 for 12 Monthly Giving Program supports: Clean water, library books, character building, speech therapy, psychological care, Christian education, food, medical care, school clothes, teaching aids, love and hope.

"If your church were to close its doors today, would the community even notice?"

Watts Bar Community Church's role in serving the community is foundational to its mission and purpose. At its core, the church is called to embody the love and compassion of Christ by reaching out to those in need and fostering positive change in the world around us.

By actively engaging with and supporting the community, the church demonstrates its commitment to living out the values of love, justice, and mercy. Through acts of service, outreach programs, and partnerships with local organizations, the church becomes a beacon of hope and a source of practical assistance for individuals and families facing various challenges.

Furthermore, serving the community provides a tangible expression of the gospel message, showing God's love in action and drawing people closer to Him. It builds bridges of trust and understanding, breaking down barriers and fostering unity among diverse groups.

Ultimately, WBCC's involvement in community service not only meets immediate needs but also contributes to long-term transformation and empowerment. It inspires individuals to become agents of positive change in their own lives and communities, creating a ripple effect of goodness and generosity.

In essence, our commitment to helping the community reflects its obedience to Christ's command to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is through serving others that we truly fulfill our calling and bear witness to the transformative power of God's love in the world.e our very own community. A

Missions can start in your own backyard.

Let us know of a local family in need, a widow who needs her yard mowed, or a single mom who needs her oil changed. We want to be a light to our community.

Clean living athens

Women’s Sober Living House

Clean Living Athens is a non-profit organization based in Athens, TN that serves the local community.   Our mission is to help women with alcohol and drug addiction problems by providing a women’s Christ-Centered, 12-Step Recovery sober house. With rules and regulations in place to ensure it is a safe, drug-free environment, we will show women how to get on their feet and use the free resources and support already in place in the community.