First Impressions Team

First impressions are everything...

Love God

Love People

Serve Others

That has been our mission from day one! The First Impressions Team is so much more than ushers and greeters. Just like welcoming people into the church is more than just a gesture—it's an expression of Christ's love. Creating an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance opens hearts and minds to the transformative power of the gospel. When people feel genuinely welcomed, they're more likely to experience a sense of belonging, forge meaningful connections, and ultimately grow in their faith journey. In extending hospitality, we reflect the heart of Jesus and invite others to encounter His grace and truth in our midst.

"People may not remember the words you say but they will never forget the way you make them feel."

Studies show that the average first time attender knows within the first 6 seconds of entering the church doors whether or not they are coming back.

This is why our First Impressions Team is so vital!

You never know. Your next handshake or smile could be the catalyst for the Kingdoms next soul.

Welcoming people into our church family isn't just a courtesy—it's at the heart of our mission. Every smile, handshake, and warm greeting communicates God's love and acceptance. When people feel genuinely welcomed, they're more likely to open their hearts to the message of hope and belonging that we offer. By creating a culture of hospitality, we reflect Christ's love and embody the inclusive spirit of His ministry. So let's continue to extend open arms and open hearts, making everyone feel valued, accepted, and at home in our church community.

It starts with you.

What are you waiting for?

Join our First Impressions team and become the smiling face and helping hand that welcomes everyone into our church family! Your role is crucial in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where people feel valued and accepted. Whether you're guiding guests to their seats, offering a friendly greeting, or assisting with logistics, your service makes a big difference in ensuring everyone's experience is positive and uplifting. Come be a part of spreading joy and hospitality—join our First Impressions team today!